Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Last Missionary Blog...

From when I first started my mission

     As I look back on the past couple years, it seems to have flown by like it was nothing, and yet has felt like being able to be here sharing the gospel for the past lifetime.  One thing that is comforting, is knowing with how much I have learned here, is that you don’t have to have the tag on to do missionary work and to share the gospel with so many of those around us each day. It has been of the greatest blessings to be here, and getting to especially do the work in a way never done before.  I don’t know many missionaries who have had the blessings who have had the blessing to reach those of our Heavenly Father’s children on every continent (minus Antarctica of course haha).  I understand a lot more now after these 2 years, of what

Friday, April 22, 2011

***Testimony Thursday!!!***

This is from a way sweet girl, Jacky, that was baptized last year!  She is stellar!!

You know that feeling when you've been staring at a math problem for hours on end? Completely stuck on one step? Not moving forward towards the answer, but not wanting to give up quite yet despite the feeling that you want to slam the book shut and toss it out the window? That's been my relationship with Heavenly Father for as long as I can remember. I know its there. I can almost grasp the concept, but I'm missing one tiny piece of the puzzle. Despite the size of the last missing piece, it's the most important and integral part to the answer. Without that, you're not quite complete. You're not quite finished. I've spent my entire life starting blankly at a page that has all of the work done until the very last part. I wanted so badly to give up but something kept gnawing at my soul. I knew that I wasn't complete without that last teeny tiny piece of myself.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Testimony Thursday!!

This is from Shanon, an awesome convert from England!:

 It was Monday 9th November 2009 and my sister Charlotte dared me to call the Leeds 3 missionaries and talk about irrelevant things, so i did and Elder Thorpe invited me to go along to a family home evening, so I quickly got ready to go, had to rush round. I really didn't want to go but I thought I would give it ago when the lesson started it was amazing I really enjoyed it. I prayed that I would get an answer that the book of Mormon was true and that Joseph smith was a prophet who restored the book of Mormon. After nearly no time of thinking it was stupid I started to believe it. Then I find myself wanting to know and learn more. I went to two more family home evenings, one on Tuesday and one on Friday, then the missionaries came to our house on Saturday. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Testimony Thursday? =)

Remember, often how God speaks to us, is through what
He inspires others to say for our benefit...
So now I am companions for teaching, with Elder LeeMaster, and there is a good thing that he has been doing that I'm going to adopt.  Once a week, he posts testimonies from people that have learned about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have asked a few recent converts if they would be comfortable writing that for other people to see.  I have seen how much I have been able to grow by having the testimonies of others, and see how the gospel and their Heavenly Father has blessed them in their lives.  So here is one for today.  This is from Gail, an awesome lady that I taught who lives in British Columbia (beautiful place!!), and she was baptized about a year ago, and wrote this up a few days ago for me to post, thanks Gail!!:

Thursday, March 24, 2011

What is love...?

Christ cleaning the disciples feet
There are many things that God has taught, that can be a blessing for us, that can help us to feel of His love, and to come closer to Him.  One of the biggest things that God taught all throughout history, and that Christ emphasized, was to love one another; to have charity, and to respect.  When we look back on the life of Christ, there are many examples of that, through which we can learn and apply to our own lives.
He often showed His love for all of the people around us, and strived to